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Can horses breathe through their mouths? Why did Londoners slaughter zoo animals in World War II? Where the hell did crackers come from? Comedian Brandt Tobler (stand-up, The 31 With Brandt Tobler) joins the guys in studio to find the answer to all of these and more.

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The boys dive headlong into the bottomless pit of Juggalo culture, the hidden origins of Nickelodeon’s Gak, and post office blunders with comedian Jake Weisman (WOMEN, stand-up)!
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The guys welcome comedian Yassir Lester (Black DynamiteMr. Pickles) to the show to talk about the controversial origins of the Ferris Wheel, the wealthiest fictional characters on the planet, and the etymology behind the word "nerd." Polish your glasses and get comfortable because you won't want to miss this episode.

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The guys sit down with Clark Duke (Hot Tub Time Machine, Kick-Ass 2The Croods) to talk about the secret Illuminati of luxury eyewear, New York's pneumatic tube mail network, the symbol formerly known as the octothorpe, and much more!

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