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Writer of the movie ALPHA in theaters AUGUST 17th, Dan Sebastian Wiedenhaupt sits down with Razzle to chat about the Ice Age, Dingus Day, and other fun stuff!! Go see ALPHA IN 3D!

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Razzle runs through some quick fun facts that won't help you out in your day to day life at all about chewing gum, bamboo, and a girl who totally got her thunder stolen by The Titanic!

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First beta test.. Razzle scrolls through reddit and reads some random facts for a few minutes... Should he do more of these? Let him know!

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My friend Ariel has a podcast titled "Don't Be A Dick" so we thought it'd be fun to do a double mashup episode with both our podcasts since that's also the name of my BOOK, which you can also buy on!! So please go buy it! 

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From Nickelodeon's School Of Rock, Tony Cavalero and Razzle chat and make jokes and discuss how Tony made it to LA and in the industry. 

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Ronen and Razzle welcome in 2018 with fun chats and hangs! Be nice to each other, spread good vibes, and don't be a dick! also Ronen's Pitbull chewed through the mic cables! So listen to this!

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