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What could cause a 10 day traffic jam? Just what the hell is in Worcestershire sauce anyway? What kind of cards are best for slicing watermelons? Samm Levine (Freaks and Geeks, Kevin Pollak's Chat Show, Inglorious Basterds) joins the guys in the studio to find all these answers and more.

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The secret origins of popsicles! What those twist ties on loaves of bread really mean! A 9 day traffic jam! The guys talk about all this and more when comedian Andy Kozel swings by the studio to help drop some knowledge.

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Topping the list of 27 Louis Peitzmans That You Totally Have To Have On Your Podcast is Buzzfeed's Senior Editor Louis Peitzman who joins the boys in the studio to talk about what weird jobs celebrities held before they hit it big, what Nintendo did before selling video games, why sunsets are probably super boring if you're on the International Space Station, and more!

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Things in the booth get hardcore this week as H2O frontman and One Life One Chance founder Toby Morse comes by to talk about how he got involved in the hardcore punk/straight edge movement, why Alcatraz might have been the best place to be imprisoned, skyscrapers that can melt sports cars and much more! 

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