Today We Learned / Mass Hysteria

So long and thanks for all the facts.

 That’s right, friends and Internet strangers, this is the final episode of Today We Learned. For three years, we have had the time of our lives sitting down with amazing people like Henry Rollins, Jamie Lee, Paul Scheer, Yvette Nicole Brown, Wil Wheaton, and countless others about weird factoids, odd bits of trivia, eyebrow-raising histories, and so much more. We laughed, we gave Jai Courtney a hard time, and we learned a thing or two. We’ll miss appearing in your RSS feed every Monday morning, and we appreciate every single one of you who took the time to listen. Without you, there wouldn’t have been a show. We’d also like to thank our indefatigable producer Aristotle Acevedo for having our backs and making us sound good every step of the way. Special thanks to Christopher Fealy for greenlighting the show way back when and to Katie Levine and Perry Michael Simon for all their support in bringing this podcast to a far larger audience than we ever dreamed possible. 

 We’re very proud of what we’ve done: 157 episodes over 3 years. That’s enough free content to last a lifetime. Assuming, of course, that you only live for roughly 157 hours. However long you live, if you’ve listened to us, we were honored to be a part of your life. Thanks again and we’ll see you soon.

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